Their voices intertwine harmoniously one moment and then spiral off into ethereal and wonderfully melodic spaces.” - Chris Familton

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Melbourne (Australia) sister duo Charm of Finches make haunted exquisite tunes about love, grief and whispering trees with tight sibling harmonies and chamber folk sound. Citing influences as Sufjan Stevens, Gillian Welch, Danish artist Agnes Obel and First Aid Kit, the sisters' seamless harmonies are a wondrous thing. Their Australian Music Prize nominated 2019 sophomore album "Your Company" won Best Folk Album in the Independent Music Awards. 

At the start of 2020 they showcased at the Folk Alliance International Conference in New Orleans, US. They were one of 96 artists selected worldwide to participate in the first Global Music Match. 

They are releasing their third full length album through New York City-based label AntiFragile. 

“folk purity…affecting and emotional” The Music

Pockets Of Stones

Charm of Finches

“This song was written during lockdown while I was reflecting and reading a lot about how your past childhood experiences shape your behaviour.
I found myself reflecting pretty deeply on emotions that before lockdown I felt too busy to really confront. This song is about the experience of being able to really open up to someone and tell them confronting truths about yourself - whether this is about body insecurity or admitting the silly little things that cause you pain. It’s very frightening to be honest to yourself and others sometimes but in the end it feels so liberating.”
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