'Your Company’ is a deep ocean swaying and heaving with dark tales, swirling melodies and astounding songs that float upon a hundred lovely stringed things. Songs filled with beauty, wisdom and magic with some of the sweetest ‘blood harmonies’ you’re likely to hear this side of this century! ” - Khristian Mizzi
There’s also the simple beauty of family voices intertwining, with Charm of Finches’ Mabel & Ivy – and even their names seem perfectly anachronistic for the folk purity of their music – providing the harmonies for Sky Watching... that slightly mystical alternate reality, maybe owing something to Joanna Newsom and that ilk. Despite - or perhaps because of - their youth, the music they make is affecting and emotional. ”

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Melbourne's sister duo, Charm of Finches, aka Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes, sing dreamy harmonies: haunted folk tunes about heartbreak, solitude and whispering trees.

They started busking Appalachian folk songs outside the local veggie shop when they were 11 and 8. The duo have played folk festival stages throughout Australia since 2015, winning the 2017 National Folk Festival Gill Rees Memorial Young Musician's' Award and were a 2017 Young Artist Award Winner for Folk Alliance Australia (FAA).

In 2016 they released their debut album "Staring at the Starry Ceiling", with Rhythms Magazine writing "For a duo so young to conjure a full album of music so candid and original as this is astonishing...Charm of Finches sound like they're mining something far more ancient and universal." 

Charm of Finches have multiple songwriting and festival awards, including winning the 2018 Blues and Roots International Song Contest (duo category), for their 2018 single "The Bridge".

Their music has been featured on Australian ABC  TV series Mustangs FC.

In November 2019 they  released their sophomore album "Your Company" on their own label, Conversations With Trees, which has received rave reviews, and is featuring on major Spotify playlists.


The Bridge, a new single that amps up on the atmosphere they already possess with a beautifully haunting arrangement.”

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