The songs and timeless melodies that you hear in a Charm of Finches performance, or in their recordings, are perhaps the nicest and sweetest sounds you will hear in a week, or a year...Incredibly young with beautiful voices and original, thought provoking song writing, COF are blowing audiences away wherever they play... Sensational and inspiring music is a wonderful thing and COF are indeed both.”

The Night Sky is a Jewellery Store Window

Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes are two Melbourne sisters with stories of romance and woe to tell. Albeit young, their shoulders are bending under the weight of their solemn reflections of the world around them, yet their steps remain buoyant as their harmonies lighten and spin them ahead a winding high road. Like a more melancholy version of First Aid Kit the sweet and reflective sound of Charm of Finches is set to snare your emotions and your care as they lyrically deal with issues that are difficult but all too regular in our world, and in particular with a specific focus on the staple of our young people, that is, social media, relationships and self-esteem etc.. Additionally, it is important to point out that the instrumentals of Charm of Finches very much also stand out as works on their own, as the evocative creations wake the surf and swells, creating atmospheres that are as filmic as they are intense and continuously evolving. So there is plenty to dive into here. Vibe: First Aid Kit, The Webb Sisters, The Staves, Mountain Man”

Avant Music Port

Melbourne sister chamber folk duo (Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes), who are still in their late teens, have created a beautifully ornate piece of folk music that feels both organic and layered with contemporary details. Their voices intertwine harmoniously one moment and then spiral off into ethereal and wonderfully melodic spaces.”

Post To Wire

The Bridge, a new single that amps up on the atmosphere they already possess with a beautifully haunting arrangement.”

The Music Network

This supremely talented Melbourne, Australia sister duo create simultaneously ethereal and lush soundscapes with their perfectly paired voices. Their truly original songs are enhanced by Ivy and Mabel’s creative harmonies and inventive multi-instrumental accompaniment. Their divine melodies and lovely personalities will certainly charm anyone. ” - Allison Coyne Carroll

— Performing Arts Series Director Middlebury College Middlebury, VT

Your Company finds the sisters stretching out further, fully immersing themselves in their haunting dream-folk sound, and the result is truly captivating. Despite the arrangements remaining relatively sparse, Your Company still manages to feel especially grandiose. Set to a backdrop of gentle guitar or piano work, strings swell to create a series of soundscapes that blossom open, as the sisters crystalline voices sit up close and personal, somehow keeping the tracks’ grounded while creating the sense that they could just drift away. This mood refuses to disappear throughout Your Company - from the stunning opening track ‘The Bridge’, with its swirl of immaculate harmonies and otherworldly undertones, to the poignantly tender ‘Paint Me A Picture’, and through to the closing moments of the lilting title track, its stark banjo pairing surprisingly easily with the sister’s delicate voices. Profoundly intimate, the album shines in its ability to feel as immersive as it does exhaustingly emotional - rarely does melancholia feel this mesmerising. ” - James Lynch

Trouble Juice

This is a collection of songs that unashamedly confront sadness, loss and grief but it is certainly not depressing listening! On the contrary, the overall effect is uplifting and cathartic. Not an easy trick to pull off… and Ivy and Mabel do it with great skill by presenting a collection of recordings of real beauty and subtlety. Gorgeous.” - Greg Hancock


the album has the easiness of casual intimacy, punctuated by moments of shimmering beauty such as the fluid shape of Slip Like Water, the delicacy of Lies and the hazy morning bluegrass of the title track.”

Bernard Zuel

it was quite a change of gears heading down to catch another Melbourne showcase, the quietly-engaging Charm of Finches. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Agnes Obel and Sufjan Stevens, the two sisters (the eldest of which excited to shortly be turning 18, can you believe) were a captivating, melodic taste of haunted folk tunes who are already festival veterans and whose fanbase is sure to swell.”

Beat Magazine

Don't be fooled by their charm, this band is serious business. Always pumping out strong and powerful tunes that display their endless talent over and over again.” - Nkechi Anele

Triple J

Haunting harmonies from Charm of Finches...”

ABC RN The Music Show

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