Wonderful Oblivion is a triumphant indie folk effort – nostalgic yet fresh, haunting, but at the same time serene. ” - Grant Owens


The core of the Charm of Finches gentle folk sound is the achingly beautiful harmonies of the sisters ” - Michael Smith

Rhythms Magazine MARCH 2022

Wonderful Oblivion is a moving work, dressing up the shared experiences of the everyday with music that tugs at the heart and stirs the imagination.” - Alasdair Belling

— The Australian

Wow! Wonderful Oblivion goes beyond superb and enters the realm of ineffable. This is one of the best albums of the year.” - Randall Radic

XS Noize

'Your Company’ is a deep ocean swaying and heaving with dark tales, swirling melodies and astounding songs that float upon a hundred lovely stringed things. Songs filled with beauty, wisdom and magic with some of the sweetest ‘blood harmonies’ you’re likely to hear this side of this century!” - KHRISTIAN MIZZI
Quite how to describe their sound is difficult, there are elements of folk, pop, Americana all wrapped up together to the point that it becomes something new entirely - something that demands your attention....for lovers of harmony and overall musicianship they are an absolute must see.” - Chris Farlie


Their harmonies are confident, complex and complete achieving an overall aching, ethereal, lyrical quality ” - Helen Smith- Live Review

Daily Info

This is a truly remarkable record, and one to fill the silences of the night with.” - Seuras Og

At The Barrier

Their lilting duets have a hypnotic effect ” - John O'Brien

Courier Mail

This is a deeply personal and ethereal journey through folk melodies and striking vocal harmonies. Their incredible and almost meditative pacing tells of heartache and letting go across almost 40 minutes of entrancing lyrical storytelling.”


The songs and timeless melodies that you hear in a Charm of Finches performance, or in their recordings, are perhaps the nicest and sweetest sounds you will hear in a week, or a year...Incredibly young with beautiful voices and original, thought provoking song writing, COF are blowing audiences away wherever they play... Sensational and inspiring music is a wonderful thing and COF are indeed both.”

The Night Sky is a Jewellery Store Window

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